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A born and bred Singaporean who love to travel. Not all cities and countries I’d visited were pinned in the Footprint map, only the ones since photography become a hobby. To include every city I’ve visited it would be over 100, and pictures would be pre-digital era.

Images on Roaming Feet are showcase of the wonderful sights and memories of my travels mostly with family. Evidently back in 2009, I’ve taken up photography on a more serious note, by investing in a DSLR and related accessories. Now a hobbyist photographer, I’ve put together my images on Roaming Feet for viewing pleasure. All images are All Rights Reserved and not meant to for commercial use or distributed without my consent.

Interests for travelling change with one’s age. At younger years, thrills and excitements were the main focus for visiting big cities. As time passes, cravings for excitement were replaced by extraordinary sights, be it nature or man-made. Delicious local food is something that I would always be on the look out for. Now travelling with kids, I have the urge to leave behind the heavy camera bags, because there are other loads to consider. Kids stuff such as toys, clothes, stroller, the kid itself….you get the idea. Taking care of the kids while fumbling for a perfect shot? Tough really. The compact point & shoot or even smart phone made more sense than before.

Regardless of the situations, the travelling will continue. More memories to be made, and noted down. Join me as my journey continues.

Alex Aw


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