High Altitude

It had been a tiring journey to reach Shiqu 石渠, a county in northwestern of Sichuan. After 5 hrs flight to Chengdu, we grabbed a quick dinner at 7pm and were told to rest right after. We had to move out 4am the following day to catch 6.30am flight. We touched down Yushu 玉树 9 and began our 5 and a half drive to Shiqu through a mix of good highway road and bumpy mountain road.

Midway we stop at a location for photo taking at an altitude of 4700m. The grass were covered with pretty wild flowers of red, purple, yellow and white. Had to watch our steps as yak dung were everywhere.

By the time we reach Shiqu, everyone was exhausted and most were starting to have altitude sickness. Mine is pretty mild, but persistent headache and light headed. Hopefully I get acclimitized by tomorrow. For the rest of the day and evening, we were told to rest well.

It is bad enough not having access to google, facebook, flickr, etc. There is no mobile access at all. No calls or data available. Will take time to get use to.

Portable Oxygen Tank

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