Arizona to Las Vegas

Another famous site to visit near Page would be the Horse Shoe Bend. It is located 10 minutes drive from town. From the parking lot to the site is a good 10 to 15 minutes walk. Plenty of tourists and photographers were vying to take pictures, so positioning yourself to get a good image of the place can be challenging. The sight may be breathtaking, but going near the edge is also nerve wrecking. My legs turned wobbly with every inch closer to the edge, and the gusty winds made it worse. Due to the time constrain, we were unable to visit Lake Powell. Maybe next time.

Horseshoe Bend

Next stop was Las Vegas and I planned a drive by of Grand Canyon. From Page to Vegas is a long drive from 8am to 7pm. The drive include many stops at the Grand Canyon viewing points and simple packed lunch at the designated picnic area. The Dessert Watch Tower was my favorite spot where one may climb up to get a 360 degree view of Grand Canyon.


Watch Tower
Grand Canyon

In Vegas, we signed up for a tour to the Valley of Fire. There are plenty of colorful landscape that are distinctively reddish due to the high iron content. I was told many movies were shot in here including Star Trek. The tour is very educational as our guides shared many geological knowledge. The tour also include a stop over at Visitor Center and Lost City Museum which displayed information on the local animals and tribal Indian ways of life. The tour was done within 7 hours so we were back in the hotel before 3pm, giving us ample time to rest before dinner.

Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire

Las Vegas is a city for the adults. Bringing a toddler and kid below 5 years old will restrict on the kind of activities you can do. Fortunately, the Tournament of the Kings is a show cum dinner that is enjoyable for all ages. The food they serve aren’t exactly gourmet, but still edible.

Dolphin Jump

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