Los Angeles to San Francisco

For the last leg of our family trip, I drove up to San Francisco from Los Angeles. PCH 1 offers gorgeous scenic views of the coast passing by Malibu. Mid way, we stopped by a strawberry farm. The fresh strawberries were going for $3 a small basket. They were sweet and juicy. Wished there was whipped cream to top it off.

Stopped by for food at Santa Barbara and had delightful pastries at Solvang.


Made a drive by of Yosemite National Park. The zigzag mountainous road was a nice change from the flat dessert plain in Nevada and Arizona. Enjoying packed lunch in the park’s scenic views was priceless. Due to time constraint and tired kids, we did not do hiking nor biking to the waterfalls, so we simply moved along.

tunnel view

Before reaching San Francisco, we visited The Flea Market in San Jose. There were plenty of things to look around from clothes to souvenirs to food. There were also rides and games for kids, albeit limited in choices. The flea market seem to offer mainly Hispanic related stuff including live bands.

flea market
flea market
flea market

San Francisco economy is booming and everything is more expensive, especially the hotels and parking. Nonetheless, from the hilly roads to the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco still offers the charm that no other cities has.
SF night view
pier 39
sea lions

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