Full Road Trip Time Lapse

The USA trip had been the longest road trip I’d done. Using a borrowed GoPro Silver 3+, I set the gadget to take image every 2 seconds while driving. It was a painful chore to work on more than 65,000 still images, and compile them into videos clips. Every minute in the video clip is roughly an hour drive. To make the dull, fast forwarding and zigzagging images more interesting I added in some music in the background.

So if you want to have a taste of my 2405 miles journey, enjoy the videos below.

Pasadena to Palm Springs.

Palm Springs to Pheonix

Pheonix to Page, one of my favorite drive.

Page to Las Vegas, going through Grand Canyon, stopping at the various view points. Pardon the annoying bird poo.

Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Finally got rid of the bird poo.

Los Angeles to Fresno, stopping at Santa Barbara for lunch and Solvang for delightful pastries.

Fresno to Merced, driving through Yosemite. Yosemite scenes are really gorgeous. Honestly, this video doesn’t do enough justice.

The last leg was from Merced to San Francisco. We stopped at San Jose Flea Market midway, and I stopped recording after.

Thank you for watching!

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