Chiang Mai, Thailand

Barely went through the USA trip images, already I packed my camera gears and headed towards Chiang Mai on a photographic tour. As a photographic tour implied, the main attraction of the tour was to take pictures in exotic locations with like minded people. Exchanging techniques and experience with other fellow photographers were simply priceless.

Simple breakfast of coffee and toast
A painful task to wake up 3AM so we can get in time for sunrise shot.

Stumbled in total darkness to the shooting platform only to realized we were surrounded by campers when day breaks.


Other than landscape, animals and people were arranged for shooting sessions. Setting up shoots sound simple, but not when the animals have a mind of their own and the weather changes frequently. When you mash everything together, getting the perfect shot is still challenging. Ensuring every moment is captured, I burst through most actions and compiled a whopping 5,000+ images. I will hate myself when going through all the images.

Selfie among the props
Making use of the props to take a selfie. Does look haunting doesn’t it?

Bull cart
Our stars have arrived.

Gentle giants preparing for the shoot.


I’ll post the images at a later date, some time next year!

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