Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the iconic landscape in USA, featuring beautiful canyons formed by the Colorado River. Most tourists will visit Grand Canyon as part of the attraction when in Las Vegas. A tour from Las Vegas will  take 12 to 14 hours to and fro, which usually include a stop at the Hoover Dam. Fortunately from Page to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon was along the way so I planned for a drive through the gorgeous National Park.

Grand Canyon Route
Image courtesy of National Park Service

I entered the South Rim of Grand Canyon from the East Entrance via route 64, stopping at 5 view points. The drive is easy and enjoyable. Do keep within the speed limit and watch for people. The first stop was Desert View which has a Watch Tower, a unique structure in Grand Canyon. You can climb the tower for a better view of the canyon and also purchase souvenirs at the shop located within. 

Grand Canyon
Desert View


Further down the road, we stopped at Lipan Point and Moran Point, before resting for lunch. Stopping at various points offered a different perspective of the canyon. Although somewhat similar, each scene still took my breathe away. If time and opportunity had permitted, I’d consider hiking and camping in the park to fully immerse myself in nature’s wonder. A simple pack lunch turned out to be a sumptuous spread, from sandwiches to fruits to assorted tidbits. The only disappointment was no view of the canyon was available at the picnic site.

Grand Canyon
Moran Point

Picnic Lunch


The last two stops were Grandview Point and Mather Point Overlook, the latter is also the Visitor Center. The visitor center was packed with people and parking was tough to find. Since my family were tired and preferred to rest in the car, I double parked the vehicle and went on to capture a couple pictures by myself.

Grand Canyon
Grandview Point

Grand Canyon
Mather Point Overlook

Total time spent in Grand Canyon was about four and a half hour and loved every minute. Before planning to drive there yourself, do visit the National Park Service website to get more information. Area map, directions, advises are all readily available.


Other scenics taken in Grand Canyon:

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