Inner Mongolia Landscape I

Our trip was marred with some heavy rainfall. The rain cancelled some of our programs like bonfire and horse riding. On our first day, just as we were taking picture of the gorgeous river, it suddenly rained hailstone. It changed the green landscape to a flowing mud river and soft ground. Our vehicle had a tough time going through the plains as it occasionally fishtailed along the hilly slope. I was definitely pale from the slippery ride, especially when the vehicle was on the verge of flipping once. We also saw an inexperienced driver got his car stuck in the mud. Scary!

While walking on the wide open field, one must always keep a look out. The animals leave behind a lot of dungs, so we were constantly evading and sidestepping poo poo. In addition to the landmines, the fields were infested with all sorts of insects. From flies to bees to other unknown species, it was terribly annoying.

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