Moyo Island, Sumbawa

Moyo Island (Pulau Moyo) is a small island north of Sumbawa Island in the Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It is a laid back little island with beautiful beaches and hidden gems in the forest. Was told the island also offers many great diving spots and and snorkeling.

20171014_003 Moyo Island
20171014_008 Moyo IslandWM
20171014_011 Moyo IslandWM
Had a little spare time, so we hired a boat ride and head off to the island with a local guide. Took us over 2 hours of bumpy and loud boat ride to reach the destination. Then another 20 minutes of motorcycle ride through the mud track in the mountain. We finally reached the fabulous waterfall Mata Jitu, tucked away in the forest. Apparently, Princess Diana once visited and swam in the very pond. Although the site is tiny, the exquisite land formation reminded of the Fairy Pond in China. We enjoyed a quick dip in the chilly water before heading back to the beach.

20171014_019 Moyo Island
20171014_026 Moyo IslandWM
20171014_037 Moyo IslandWM
20171014_042 Moyo Island
20171014_047 Moyo IslandWM
20171014_083 Moyo IslandWM
20171014_090 Moyo IslandWM
Before heading back the Sumbawa Island, we chilled and had a drink at Moyo Sunset Bungalow beach front. I’m certain Moyo Island had alot more to offer, but we were not fortunate enough to enjoy further.
20171014_135 Moyo IslandWM

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