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What about Iran?

Axis of Evil? Nuclear Terrorist? Whatever the political agenda the world has against Iran, I’m not here to make a statement on politics. When I decided to join a tour group to Iran, many relatives and friends raised the question of security. For decades, there were countless negative labels on Iran, causing a less than…

Love Story

Pictures taken while visiting Chiang Mai. The models, including children, were hired to pose for us in their cultural dresses. As I worked through the photos, they seem to be telling a love story. Sibling love? Fatherly love? Enchanting love? You decide.  

Glimpse of Life

In between early sunrise and sunset shots in Yunnan, the local guide brought us through the villages, allowing us to glimpse the way of life. There were many interesting sights, especially children playing on dirt road while their parents toiled in the field.

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