Cebu, Philippines

First impression of Philippines is that it is just like Indonesia. Cebu being a smaller city island, is less chaotic, with a laid back atmosphere. Cebu is more influenced by Spanish than the mainlanders, hence their names and conversation consist many Spanish words.


The hotel we stayed in was right infront of the airport. It has its own small casino too. However this place is run down and not well maintained.


Even though Cebu is a small island, it has rich history tracing back hundreds of years from the Spanish Conquistadors. Our contact was kind enough to bring us around the city for a sightseeing, and we were done within half a day.


I did enjoy their food very much. Similar to Indonesian food with lots of spices, grilled, fried, etc. Main difference is that they aren’t as spicy and pork is popular here. Their desserts are also very sweet like Indonesian.

I hope to return again to Cebu soon and visit their widely popular beaches.

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