Imagine rows after rows, stretching as far as your eyes can see, endless yellow fields of Canola flowers. For many years, it had been on my list to visit Luoping, Yunnan, China. Although I’m fortunate enough to visit the place with other like minded photographers, the weather didn’t provide the best photo opportunity. Two of the more famous sites visited were Golden Rooster Hills (金鸡岭) and Screw Field(螺丝田).


In between early sunrise and sunset shots in Yunnan, the local guide brought us through the villages, allowing us to glimpse the way of life. There were many interesting sights, especially children playing on dirt road while their parents toiled in the field.

At Yuanyang County of Yunnan, I visited the famous terrace sites. It was difficult to comprehend the hordes of photograph enthusiasts by the hundreds queuing at the entrance of the sites hours before opening to public. At the moment the gate opens, it was a mad dash to  secure a good shooting location. An hour before the sun comes out, hundreds of photographers lined up and waited impatiently. People climb over railings, climbed incomplete construction sites, roof tops, etc, just to get a better angle.

Squabbles broke out a couple times, and I don’t blame them. Late comers often tried to squeeze and invade your space. I had an elderly photographer picked up my GoPro to see what is the small gadget, unknowingly destroyed my timelapse sequence. *took a deep breathe*

The moment the sun peeked through the mountains, all that hectic dash, lack of sleep and annoyance disappeared. As the sunlight hits the terrace field, brilliant reflection danced on the water surface. It was a sight that would make me forget everything else and renewed my passion for photography.




大理 Dali is picturesque town lining a huge lake。 Have a Bali feel to the place.

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