Kansai 2015

More images added to the gallery taken with my DSLR camera.

5 days travel to Oasaka, Kobe & Kyoto. First time towing around 2 kids.

Many premium brands available, but mostly¬†from USA. I’d rather visit the outlets in USA for better bargains. A good stopover before our midnight flight. They have shuttle bus from Kansai International Airport that is only 20 minutes. Take note that it is not free service! 200yen for adult and 100 for children.

Back to Kansai airport and an afternoon in Rinkku Premium Outlet

Fancy ramen at midnight? No problem! This store in Osaka is open until 2am to serve you delicious ramen.


Another great ramen store that was just around the corner of our Kyoto hotel.


Now for my favorite part, DESSERTS!

Tapioca Belize serve wonderful crepes with so many options you will have a hard time deciding what to try. They also have a wide selection of tapioca milk tea.

While roaming around Arashiyama, almost every corner there will be a shop selling soft ice-cream. After a tiring climb up the hill, I decided to treat myself to one. I chose the mix of vanilla and mocha for 300 yen. The flavors were well balanced and not too sweet. No wonder everyone is eating it.

Another dessert I had been wanting to try was their pancakes. It looked utterly delicious, and I was right.
Shopping and eating in Kansai city.Shopping and eating in Kansai city.Shopping and eating in Kansai city.

Visiting Japan, aside from shrines, scenics & quirky cultures, it is all the wonderful food they have to offer. From legendary Kobe beef to delicious sushi to mouth watering desserts! Every meal, and in between, is something to look forward to. We are always spoilt for choices!

Our first proper meal in Osaka. Located by the mall beside JR Osaka Station at B2. Never got around the restaurant name, but the meal was great.

Kappa Sushi 100yen is cheap but they taste good! Specify order in the electronic menu, it will be delivered via the rotating belt, with a reminder as it reaches in front of you.
Shopping and eating in Kansai city.Shopping and eating in Kansai city.

Beef tongue grilled to perfection. The sets came with rice and beef soup which were delicious. Check out their side dishes too.

One cannot miss enjoy good beef in a proper restaurants. First was a restaurant in JR Kyoto Station Isetan 11F. The wait was over 40 minutes but worthed it. There are different prices for different grades of beef, ranging from 4000yen to 8000yen. Prepared in your favorite style, sukiyaki, tapanyaki, or steak.

On the last night we enjoyed yakiniku beef at Toraji Hana. It is an all you can eat buffet. Ordering within 90 minutes and meal to be finished within 120 minutes.
Shopping and eating in Kansai city.Shopping and eating in Kansai city.Shopping and eating in Kansai city.

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