California, USA

Napa Valley is a place wine lovers would visit. On top of that, watching the movie Bottle Shock (2008), made it more meaningful to visit vineyard like Chateau Montelena. There are many vineyards to visit, and some with limited tours that require advance bookings. After having some wine tasting, we craved for a good steak. We were managed to get a reservation at PRESS Restaurant that served fantastic food amidst the great ambience. Perfect place to end the day.

Along with a long time buddy, we rented a Mustang and took a wonderful drive on the Pacific Coast Highway 1 (PCH1). Although it was overcast when we started the drive, the sun came out midway and reward us with endless gorgeous seascape. Bend after bend, our breathe was taken away while we stop to take in the views. My only regret was we did the drive from LA to SF in a single day because we should have stayed one night and visit Big Sur. A month or so after our trip, Big Sur was ravaged by fire. I hope the damage wasn’t too much as I would love to return someday.

News on Big Sur Fire : More campgrounds and hiking trails closed as Big Sur fire continues to burn