Guilin, China 2016

We were given the opportunity to photograph a long hair tribe ethnic people. The ladies cut their hair only once in their lifetime. Going around with long hair is inconvenient, so the hair will be twirled and twisted into a head dress. What surprised me where the ladies were in their 50’s and 60’s, yet they do not have a strand of white hair! I was told their hair are washed by all natural secret recipe of herbs that keep the white hairs at bay.





Two famous scenes below were Li river (丽江) and Xianggong Mountain (相公山). Both offers beautiful views of rivers and mountains. Unfortunately, the weather was heavily overcast.

Lastly, below are a collection of panoramic shots of the various scenes visited.






Cormorant fisherman are a dying breed as the the way life is no longer lucrative livelihood for younger generations. The fisherman showed off his birds and enjoyed smokes by the river bank. Every time he cast the fishing net wide open, like a professional dancer graceful and well rehearsed.

The amazing thing I like about China is the fantastic landscape. The landscapes varies greatly from one place to another. Guilin is well known for it picturesque scenics. Their unique round top mountains spreads across the land dotting the landscape. Accompanied by many idyllic rivers, Guilin is a fantastic destination to relax and enjoy nature. Below is a time lapse video of the gorgeous sites I visited.



I visited Guilin four years ago with my family, where we enjoyed a great deal cruising down its river. This time I joined a group of photographers to visit Longsheng Longji Rice Terrace (龙胜龙脊梯田). I’d recommend at least 2 days to truly soak in the magnificent views it has to offer. The small village on the mountain top are small inns (客栈) run by the local. Most of them are rustic and comfortable enough.



To get to the top, one would need to take a 40 minutes bus ride from the entrance of the park to the mountain base. From there it would be step climbing to the inn and scenic places. Most people would get up there relatively easy. What really rendered me speechless were the porters who would carry our luggage from the bus to our designated inns. They would easily carry 40-60kg of luggages up the steps, and their average ages were 50 to 60 years old! I was panting my way up with only my camera pack and a hiking stick.



Another highlight of the trip was to take pictures of the Cormorant fisherman against a backdrop of Guilin’s mountains. Traditionally, these fishermen would train the Cormorant to catch fishes for them. With the advancement of society, this method of fishing is getting less relevant.


Our last scenic stop was a sunrise at XiangGong Mountain (相公山). From the viewing platform at the hill top, we got a top down scenic view of the surrounding mountains and river. Unfortunately, it was foggy with no good sunlight.